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LAblocks is a fast paced, quirky little travel show where we explore Los Angeles block by block (who does that?!). In each 5 minute episode, we take you to a different underrated and totally amazing intersection of LA and show you all the art, architecture, history, restaurants, stores, and stories on that block.

We want to help locals and visitors alike discover this glorious, funky, bizarre, sprawling city in a whole new way and get the most satisfaction per step when you’re out and about.  You’ll get travel tips that your average Los Angeles travel guide won’t give you, because we’re focusing on local neighborhoods, where actual real Angelenos live.  This is the travel show to watch to discover places off the beaten path.  The kind of places where you can impress your friends and dates by suggesting that cool little block they’ve never heard of.

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Who We Are

Robert Boesel (Host, Producer) has produced and hosted his own travel web series, Travel Bug Robert, since 2009, producing over 80 videos around the world.  He has been featured by Rand McNally, MSN, and USA Today, and the travel video website Tripfilms voted him “Filmmaker of the Year.” RobertBoesel.com

Stephanie Carrie (Host, Producer) is an actor and TV writer. She also has an LA Weekly column where she covers the best of the web called The Tangled Web We Watch.  After traveling across four different continents, she ran out of money and started The L.A. Comedy Travel Guide, a funny travel vlog about LA. StephanieCarrie.com

Davidson Vorhes (Director, Producer) founded Big Footage, an award-winning video production company specializing in new media and documentary content.  He’s worked with multi-national corporate clients, big shot Hollywood producers, and the heaviest of heavy metal bands.  He’s so LA. BigFootage.net