Bank of Venice @ Pacific & Windward

Right at the corner of Pacific & Windward is the Bank of Venice, a building that used to be a bank.  Don’t bring any deposits to this place anymore, though, because now the Bank of Venice is a restaurant that serves up delicious, organic, locally sourced food.  During Prohibition, the bank’s neighbor was the Townhouse speakeasy, and later in the 20th century the Bank of Venice became a mailing center.  They still get people’s mail delivered!  If only there were some way to contact those people to let them know it’s not a mailing center anymore…

Though they consider themselves an American gastropub, the Bank of Venice menu also includes a variety of Mexican dishes.  If you could only pick one thing to eat, though, order the burger.  Grass fed beef, brioche bun, homemade pickle on the side.  It doesn’t get better than that. Get more info about Bank of Venice at

You might be in a food coma after all that delicious food, so walk on down to Menotti’s and get yourself a handcrafted coffee treat.