BUZZ wine beer shop @ 5th & Spring

Most wine stores come off a little stuffy.  They approach their wine selection like a library.  At 5th & Spring in Downtown LA, BUZZ wine beer shop does not abide by that philosophy.  They constantly update their selection, curating a range of varietals for all price ranges.  It’s not a small amount to curate at BUZZ wine beer shop, either.  They have 800 bottles of beer and 4,000 bottles of wine, and they change hundreds of them throughout the month.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Thanks to their staff (who seem to know everything about wine and beer), if you provide a price point and a color, they can do the rest.  BUZZ wine beer shop also gives wine and beer tastings throughout the week, so you can sample the wares before buying.  For even more info about BUZZ wine beer shop, check out their website at

Why not stop in during the Downtown LA Art Walk to get away from the crowds and get intimate with some really good libations? And while you’re in the Downtown Los Angeles neighborhood, how about pop into The Last Bookstore across the street?  It’s only the largest used and new bookstore in California.  Or maybe after a wine tasting, take in a show at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC).  You HAVE to check out their lobby.