Los Angeles Theatre Center @ 5th & Spring

If you haven’t learned yet from checking out the 5th & Spring video, this neighborhood is pretty happening.  From California’s largest new and used bookstore, The Last Bookstore, to a lovingly curated wine and beer store, BUZZ wine beer shop, there are a lot of reasons to check out this part of Downtown Los Angeles.  One more reason to check it out is the Los Angeles Theatre Center, or LATC.  This multi-performance space venue is built inside a former bank, and it has left a lot of the 20th Century architecture in tact, like the beautiful stained glass ceiling in the lobby or the bank vault door you have to walk through in order to go to the bathroom.  This theater caters to a younger demographic, and their theatrical seasons try to have plays that include meaningful topics for the community.  And since they usually run several of their theater spaces at the same time, during intermission, theatergoers have the opportunity to talk with a wide range of people, all experiencing the wonders of theater.

Oftentimes during the Downtown LA Art Walk, the LATC has a live band performing in their jaw dropping lobby.  Or, if you’re lucky, maybe right outside the Los Angeles Theatre Center you might come across the street musician, Red Violet.  Live performance is alive and well at 5th & Spring.  Get even more info about the Los Angeles Theatre Center, or LATC, at their website thelatc.org.