Mollusk Surf Shop @ Pacific & Windward

A visit to Venice Beach isn’t a visit to Venice Beach without a little surfing.  Or, if you’re more on the timid side, a surf shop.  And you can’t find a better surf shop than Mollusk, right at the intersection of Pacific & Windward.  Mollusk Surf Shop has a wide selection of California-made surfboards, as well as American-made apparel.  Their treehouse is pretty cool, too.  If you have any questions about their merchandise or surfing in general, the staff at Mollusk Surf Shop can help you out big time.  They know what they’re talking about here.  Why?  For starters, one of the managers is Chad Marshall, the iconic longboard surfer.  If you’re lucky, Chad or one of the other knowledgeable employees might even give you a surf lesson.  Get more info on Mollusk Surf Shop and check out their online store at

Once you’ve checked out Mollusk, be sure to explore the other fun local businesses at Pacific & Windward.  If you’re still in the shopping mode, walk over to Gotta Have It and look through their extensive vintage clothing selection.  If you’re hungry, Bank of Venice offers up one of the best burgers you can find in Los Angeles.  Menotti’s has an internationally acclaimed barista serving up delicious coffee beverages, and Townhouse Venice is a bar that used to be a speakeasy during Prohibition and embraces its rough and tumble history.  Basically, Pacific & Windward has everything you could ever want.  Except for ample street parking, but no place is perfect.