Red Violet Street Musician @ 5th & Spring

The Downtown LA Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles is a staple in the 5th & Spring neighborhood.  It happens every second Thursday of the month.  While wandering through the streets, people can see dozens of unique artists, but if they’re lucky, they can also see live music.  The Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) usually has a band playing in their gorgeous stained glass lobby, but even walking down the street offers opportunities to experience some original music.  We’re talking a street musician.  Or, if you want to sound cool, buskers.  While attending the Downtown LA Art Walk, Stephanie and Robert came across one such street musician, Devon, also known as Red Violet.  They asked him what his favorite block in LA was, and he proceeded not to say his favorite block, but to sing it.  This is why street musicians are awesome.  They think on their feet with that quick witted street musician brain and sing a custom song just for you.

Find out even more about the Downtown LA Art Walk at their website