The Last Bookstore @ 5th & Spring

The Last Bookstore is California’s largest used and new book and record store, and it’s right at 5th & Spring.  This place is 20,000 square feet!  That’s a lot of books and records.  Like many buildings in this Los Angeles neighborhood, The Last Bookstore is housed in a former bank.  What that means is you might have to walk into a bank vault in order to get that old paperback sci-fi book you want to buy.  How cool is that?!  Between the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) and The Last Bookstore, you’ll be walking through a lot of former bank vaults if you stay at 5th & Spring long enough.

The store has many events, including book signings of local and well known authors.  And they definitely are open during the Downtown LA Art Walk.  So pop into The Last Bookstore and buy a hardcover recommended by the knowledgeable staff, go across the street to BUZZ wine beer shop to pick up a bottle of red, and have yourself a delightful, quiet night in.  Get even more info on The Last Bookstore at their website