Townhouse Venice @ Pacific & Windward

Don’t let the unassuming black front door fool you. Once you walk through that door into Townhouse Venice, you will be transported back in time to an era where the selling and drinking of alcohol was illegal.  You’ll see old pictures hanging on the walls of gangsters and federal agents duking it out during that violent and exciting time of Prohibition.  Why feature this era so prominently in a Venice Beach bar?  Because Townhouse Venice was right in the middle of it all during Prohibition.  Townhouse Venice has continuously run as a bar since 1915, even during that pesky little thing called Prohibition.  Because of the bar’s hundred year history, the owner has restored many of its original accouterments, including original tiles on the ceiling and ground.  And speaking of the ground, beneath your feet at Townhouse is the Del Monte Speakeasy, which was actually used as a speakeasy back in the 1920s and 30s.  And the speakeasy is just as gorgeous as the first floor.  Get more info on Townhouse Venice at

If you’re still in the historical mood while you’re at Pacific & Windward, grab a bite to eat at Bank of Venice, which was a bank back when illegal hooch was flowing next door at Townhouse.  Then grab a coffee at Menotti’s, named after Menotti, the man who ran the speakeasy during Prohibition.  And they even have a secret coffee menu in honor of its speakeasy roots.